Tromen Pampeana Gourmet Grill
Tromen Pampeana Gourmet Grill
Tromen Pampeana Gourmet Grill

Tromen Pampeana Gourmet Grill

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Tromen Pampeana Gourmet Grill

A "top of the line" Argentine Grill with an attached Firebox.  Its adjustable and can easily transform into a drop-in grill for any of your grilling needs. The Pampeana Grill is portable and easy to move around on quality castors. It blends into any environment and its size makes it perfect even for a big group. 

Inspired by a rich tradition born from generations of Gauchos grilling in the Argentine Pampas, this grill is meticulously crafted in Argentina.  Loved by both amateur grillers and the most experienced grill masters. Your guests will be impressed! 

The Pampaena can transform into a drop-in grill for any outdoor kitchen, or it can be a standalone portable grill. Handcrafted with a rustic metal exterior.

Key Features:  

  • Adjustable grill- The Pampaena moderates heat by adjusting the height of the grill relative to your coal base. You can adjust the heights from 115mm to 155mm

  • Reflecting tiles – The 14 reflecting tiles covering the entire base of the grill ensures heat is evenly distributed. These tiles also evenly maintain the heat intensity for a longer period of time. 

  • Fogonero – Start your fire in the “Fogonero” firebox, where you burn your wood or lump charcoal before transferring the embers to the actual grill. This gives you an unprecedented control of the grilling temperature. Whether you are searing, or slow cooking, you will experience total control. You can also take advantage of the larger cooking area so you can feed more friends and family. 

  • Grilling Area – a huge total grilling area, you can confidently grill for large groups. 

  • Cutting Board – The grill has a conveniently attached wooden cutting board to facilitate food transfer and serving. 

  • Cleaning – The Pampeana has a side opening for easy removal and disposal of spent coals.  

  • Storage – The storage room drawer beneath the grill gives you the space you need for your grilling tools and the ready food. 

  • For additional storage –The Pampaena has a natural wood storage base, perfect for storing charcoal, wood logs and accessories. 

  • Cover – Control the heat, and trap smoke by using the liftable metal cover. 

  • Portability – The Pampaena is easy to move with its attached, sturdy wheels. Simply tilt and move on any surface. 

Width: 1400mm

Height: 1066mm

Depth: 530mm

Weight: 90KG

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