The Food over Fire Lifestyle

Nothing stops time like sitting around a fire with friends and family, cooking and enjoying great food and a drink!!

Our Story

Food over Fire was born out of Shaun and Amanda Cleverley's passion for livefire and woodfired cooking.

We have been somewhat obsessed with livefire cooking for many years and live the livefire lifestyle more often than not. Foodies to the core, from our back yard to out exploring New Zealand's wild places, we'll be cooking something over fire with our family and friends.

We have three kids who are all very involved in our cooks and missions around the country and the world!

Our goal, as NZ's home of live fire cooking, is to inspire you to embrace livefire and woodfired cooking in all its forms. We hope we can educate you when needed and provide all of the equipment you might need to really enjoy the process.

We are based in Geraldine, South Canterbury, but will have lots of events around the country in coming months.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all!

Contact us

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