Petromax Fire Kettle
Petromax Fire Kettle
Petromax Fire Kettle
Petromax Fire Kettle

Petromax Fire Kettle

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The Petromax (Germany) Fire Kettle is a modern and full stainless version of the classic Kiwi Thermette. 

Key Features

  •  fast to boiling water thanks to double wall and internal cavity
  •  easy firing with small twigs and pine cones
  •  ideal for water transport due to additional screw lid
  •  safe operation due to firm and tilt-proof stand and silicone handles protecting against heat
  •  for self-sufficient catering also suitable for heating food

The Petromax stainless steel fire pot enriches your outdoor kitchen with a self-sufficient outdoor stove. With small branches, twigs or pine cones you succeed in firing in no time. The additional screw cap ensures leak-proof water transport and the fire bowl with feet gives the pot a firm footing at all times. The fire bowl including feet can be stowed away in the bottom opening of the fire pot for transport and storage. Thanks to the silicone handles, it is easy to remove from the heat source. With the robust stainless steel fire pot you can start your adventure independently and save storage space for gas cartridges or other fuel.

The firepot as a kettle: The fuel is ignited in the fire bowl and the heat rises in the cavity of the pot. The resulting chimney effect heats the water in the double wall and brings it to a boil in a few minutes. With a strong sound, the steam whistle signals you that the water has reached the boiling point.

The fire pot as a camping stove: In addition to water, the fire pot also heats your cookware. The cooking attachment, which can be fixed in the opening of the pot, offers space for small pots and kettles. The heat escaping from the upper opening can be used to heat small meals.


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