Cast Iron Hand Mortar / Spice Grinder
Cast Iron Hand Mortar / Spice Grinder
Cast Iron Hand Mortar / Spice Grinder
Cast Iron Hand Mortar / Spice Grinder

Cast Iron Hand Mortar / Spice Grinder

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The Petromax cast iron hand mortar is the ideal helper for fresh flavors in the outdoor or indoor kitchen:

  • hand mortar and pestle made of cast iron for easy grinding of spices, nuts and seeds
  • low use of force: the degree of grinding is individually determined with slight twisting movements
  • Upper part with sealing ring: store ground spices aroma-safe
  • Cast iron heavy and robust material: pleasant feel and ease of work due to its own weight
  • Petromax design: dragon logo on the wooden lid

Grinding from coarse to fine with the hand mortar made of cast iron
In the Petromax hand mortar you grind spices, nuts and seeds with little force for diverse and creative dishes over the fire. All it takes is a small twisting motion, because the weight of the mortar and pestle grinds the spices almost effortlessly. The grooves in the bottom part of the mortar and on the pestle help you to do this. All grinding degrees are possible with the cast iron mortar: Black pepper is ideal for a very coarse grinding result. Its texture is preserved during grinding and the flavor of campfire dishes is intensely highlighted. For a fine grinding result you pound the spices until they become powder, so that a fine and intense fragrance can be heard.

Effortlessly mix several spices together. The slightly pungent spice of caraway is combined with the intense fragrance of tarragon, and a piquant aroma of laurel, in combination with the slightly pungent or fruity mild taste of paprika, makes for an intensely aromatic spice blend. So that the flavor can unfold in the campfire dish, you can store your individual spice composition in the upper part of the mortar in an airtight container. Only when cooking does it unfold its valuable aromas.

To clean your hand mortar, simply rinse it with water and let it dry thoroughly. The sturdy and durable cast iron requires little maintenance, eventually you can use the Petromax ring cleaner to remove traces.

The helper for the kitchen in the great outdoors is compact, effortless in grinding and the storage of individually composed mixtures of various spices in the upper part. The flavors of foreign lands, the healing effects of dried plants and your unique selection unite in your dish. The Petromax hand mortar is the ideal helper for spicy flavors in the outdoor kitchen.

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 8 Γ— 8 Γ— 10 cm

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