Barebones Wire Saw
Barebones Wire Saw
Barebones Wire Saw
Barebones Wire Saw
Barebones Wire Saw
Barebones Wire Saw
Barebones Wire Saw

Barebones Wire Saw

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This Walnut Wire Saw is a multi-use cutting tool that fits in your pocket. Braided and incredibly strong stainless steel wire utilizes abrasion and friction to cut through most objects. It is a compact, ultra-lightweight solution for minor sawing applications: remove branches, cut thin metal, and create kindling. The durable walnut ball handle is comfortable, ergonomic, and less bulky; you’ll find several different ways to hold this wire saw and reduce fatigue as you work. This is an effective, small tool to have in your survival or emergency kit. Portable travel bag included.

• Lightweight, ultra-compact saw
• Ideal for branch removal, firewood gathering, and general minor cutting/sawing jobs
• Excellent survival or emergency kit tool
• Durable walnut ball-handle
• Braided stainless steel wire
• Water-resistant

Items Included:
1 Wire Saw
1 Storage Bag

Stainless steel
Poly Bag

Walnut Ball Diameter: 1.37"
Wire Length: 26"
Storage Bag: 1.75" x 4" x 5.5"

Store in a cool, dry place when not in use. Wire saws cannot be sharpened. To prevent rust and corrosion, wipe off dirt and water after use and then daub on oil for additional lubrication.

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