Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie
Argie Barbie

Argie Barbie

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100% made in New Zealand

Imagine owning this ultimate in charcoal barbeques. Impress your family and friends, especially if you all love eating delicious, properly-barbequed food. Cook steaks, ribs, lamb and vegetables to perfection because of the embers and temperature adjusting grill.

The Argie Barbie is the really authentic way to barbeque in New Zealand without the usual pitfalls of charcoal BBQ’s! All gas barbeques will flare-up and burn your meat. And they don’t have that lovely smoky, BBQ flavour of cooking on charcoal. Argie Barbie provides continuous hours of succulent charcoal cooking without dangerous flare-ups because hot embers don’t cause fat to flare-up. Plus the V channel grill plate stops fat falling onto the embers. And the nifty height-adjustable grill allows you to regulate the cooking heat.

Impress your guests. The Argie Barbie is perfect for a slow and fun social time. Pour some good wine, take your time to cook many different smaller courses, just like the South Americans do.

The Argie Barbie Special 5 Point Guarantee

  • No flare ups or fat fires.
  • Provides healthier grilling by removing excess fat with sloping V grills and drip tray.
  • Cook continuously for hours, so you can cater for large gatherings.
  • Will cook you the perfect steak … Or we will personally show you how to do it.
  • And will last you a life time, with a 5 year replacement structural warranty.

Hand Wheel

Makes it very easy to control temperature by raising and lowering grill. Embers too hot? Just raise the grate. Embers too cool? Then lower the grate or raise grate and bring in fresh hot coals and lower when ready to cook again.

Sloping V Grill

Prevents charring from dangerous fat flare ups by diverting fat along multiple V channels of the grilling plate. Collects fat in tidy drip trays. Extremely durable. Removes fat for a healthier meal. Easy to remove and clean.

Drip Trays

Catches the fat as it runs off the front of the grill. Easy to remove and clean. Drip Trays can also be used to baste the meat with either the juices of the meat or a marinade.

Brasero (Wood burner)

Yes, you can use any type of dry wood or charcoal to create embers. The separate burners means there’s no space taken up for grilling. It’ll usually take about 15 to 30minutes for the burning wood to create enough embers. Keep loading wood into the Brasero to provide a continuous supply of embers enabling you to cook for long periods serving various courses. This prevents you having to build a new fire when the embers die down. Charcoals fall through bottom of Brasero to provide a constant supply of hot embers. Just sweep across new embers from under the Brasero as required. Cooking embers cause no flare ups at all and no fat fires to worry about. Prevents smoke tainting the food. The brasero acts as a great outdoor heater. No need to have a gas heater etc if you’ve got an Argie Barbie.

High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

You will get many years of enjoyment from your Argie Barbie because it is made from the high grade 304 stainless which won’t buckle under the heat, or rust, unlike cheaper, lower-grade stainless steel. It may ‘tea stain’ if left outside by the ocean, but that can simply be cleaned off with a stainless steel cleaner.


The Argie Barbie uses firebricks on the base and sides to prevent heat from radiating outside the grill through the metal parts. Firebricks also help reduce the amount of wood or charcoal used because the bricks retain heat. The heat is distributed evenly below the grill which makes cooking easier because it creates an even temperature to grill over. Fire bricks can withstand very high temperatures.

New Zealand Manufactured

Designed and built in NZ. Extremely durable and spare parts are readily available if required.

Easily Cleaned

Just drop the front door down and sweep the fire bricks clean away the embers. Easily removed grills can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

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